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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The gloves are off


In politics there are special times, during a crisis, during a great political achievement or landmark bill, but the most exciting time for a political junkie such as myself is crunch time before an election. This is when the candidates take off the gloves and scrap for the final week in order to have the last word before Tuesday.
Both candidates were out with guns blazing this past week, most notably John Kerry. Kerry has been ripped apart this past week because of the goosehunting trip he went on with some rural fellas in an effort to appeal to the pro-gun folks out there in the swing states. This event was so preposterously phony, even by Democrat standards, that it even came as a surprise to this slightly cynical columnist. I've come to expect ridiculous posturing by both candidates. Kerry has excelled at this desperate art. Whether it is this latest 'hunting' trip (where he claimed he had shot a goose) or his oh so cool parasailing exploits off the Cape, Kerry never ceases to amaze me with his ridiculousness.
Perhaps this posturing is due to a lack of any clear plan, after all, he still hasn't explained how he is going to save the country from all of society's ills without raising taxes on the working class bracket. One must wonder whether or not his adept ability to ride a bicycle can cover for his lack of a clear understanding of the terrorist threat. I know I shouldn't get on Kerry's case too much, but it really comes as a surprise to me that there aren't more people who cringe when they see his smug image on the television. Say what you will about the President, but the man truly believes what he says and you know what you're getting when you cast a vote for him. Kerry is a question mark: not only to the public, but also to his party, his advisors, and probably himself.
This past week the President worked the campaign trail in the swing states, most notably Florida. The President will most likely be seen in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Florida over the next week, several states will be canvassed in each day in order to maximize voter turnout.
Voter turnout is something that both parties rely heavily upon, but the Republicans have a clear advantage in. I say this because the Democrats have the albatross of the 18-25 votes hanging around their necks. All of these blowhards on college campuses, including our own, who whine at every opportunity will most likely nullify their own hard work by not voting. It is really quite comical when you see this happen time and time again. Student X who is vocal for or against one candidate winds up missing their opportunity to vote because they're either just plain lazy, or they're too high or burned out to remember to vote at all. Broad generalizations, I know, but the truth hurts.
The truth of this election is that George W. Bush's victory is inevitable. Bush will appear to those last minute swing voters who will simply vote for their own well-being and the well-being of their families. People want to feel safe and secure, they know the economy is cyclical and has already begun its upswing. The general public may not love Bush, but they believe his message and they will ultimately cast the majority of their votes for him on November 2nd. On the campus level, be sure to stop at the Campus Republicans table that will be set up this Saturday where they will be registering new members, answering questions and handing out stickers and literature. Meetings for this organization are Monday afternoons at 4:40 in the Student Center room 201. Any student(s) interested are encouraged to stop by and get involved


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