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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Madeleine is Albright with me


Greetings at the beginning of the stretch run, my dear friends and enemies. With only about a month left in this semester, I know everyone is feeling stressed and fighting the weight of unnecessary pressures upon their backs. Well, this includes me, with the papal conclave set to pick a Pope this week my chances of being elected to the Papacy are getting thinner by the moment. With my campaign for Papal office out of the way, I am now free to focus on other, more important issues.
Perhaps the most interesting event taking place at school this week is the lecture by former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.
This political dynamo and power player of the Clinton administration is set to discuss her time as the United States' chief representative to the rest of the world. Her aweinspiring menagerie of hats and her truly mighty collection of oversized handbags were merely peripherals used to take global attention away from this humble woman's incredible diplomatic achievements. Not only was she feared, but being the individual delivering policy for the Clinton administration brought her great respect from the global community. Mrs. Albright was a master politician as well as stunning example of Democratic ideals. She was the representative for the people.
In this fast-paced post September 11th world we easily forget about the colossal achievements of Mr. William Jefferson Clinton and his band of merry men and women.
When Madeleine Albright had Osama Bin Laden delivered to her on a silver platter her failure was not to advise President Clinton to authorize his death and consequently save the lives of thousands of innocent people, nay, friends, it was a failure because she did not want to rouse the anger of other Middle Eastern nations. We call that a failure now, but our perspectives are skewed. We should thank Mrs. Albright and her Boss, besides wouldn't we feel bad rubbing other nations the wrong way. The Clinton years were truly the Pax Americana, true Democratic ideals were so firmly ingrained in our foreign policy that it took one entire year after Clinton moved to Harlem for the United States' security to be compromised.
Again, Albright and company were giants among men when it came to defending the nation and keeping its citizens, our families and friends, out of harm's way.
Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton, and William Cohen are just a few of the names history will remember from this iconic administration. Their incredible political achievements paved the way for the Democratic Party's current prosperity. Without the Clinton administration, and Mrs.
Albright, who knows where we'd be in the world? Imagine an America that did not have to deal with September 11th, a world where the good men and women of the armed forces were not being put in harms way to defend the country they love. The Clinton administration felt it would behoove the country to run and hide from our enemies and if that didn't work we'd simply pay them off and pray they wouldn't rock the boat. The current administration has done much to fade our fond memories of the 90's Democratic supremacy.
George W. Bush and his gang have resorted to defending our country by whatever means necessary and securing their country from those who would love to destroy it as well as from those who would love nothing more than to cripple the economy of the world's lone superpower.
Shame on you, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, and Karl Rove, your policies of standing your ground and preemptive strikes in order to keep a nation safe are not that of the Democrats and Madeleine Albright.
Shame on you Colin Powell and Condi Rice, together your views on hunting down terrorists and insisting other civilized nations do the same in order to keep the world safe are a little too controversial for us. The safe posturing and inefficiency of Mrs. Albright are what the world needs in a time of crisis.
Madeleine Albright was the spokeswoman for an administration that essentially did nothing over an eight year period.
She was the handyman of Bill Clinton as he desperately reached for a legacy in the waning years of his presidency.
Albright met with current nuclear nutcase Kim Jong- Il of North Korea in order to stave off nuclear proliferation, she mediated between Palestinians and Israelis in hopes of a compromise (which, as you know hasn't quite happened yet), and most of all she postured and denied the existence of any real terrorist threat to the United States and allowed Osama Bin Laden to act with impunity, turning the other cheek in favor of diplomacy, a truly noble stance. Albright was the first mate on a ship that rode eight years of economic growth and turned it in to a platform. The world was lucky to have Mrs. Albright making the rounds, stability and peace were always assured and those plotting against the 'great Satan' were given time and money to plan their attacks with surgical precision.
Let us not throw pies at Mrs. Albright, we must spare her the fate of Pat Buchanan and keep her free of salad dressing. Instead let us throw complements and praise. We are forever in debt to Mrs. Albright and the administration she was a part of. You see, if they had not bungled the job of securing our nation so horribly, there is a chance that the Republicans would not have picked up a second presidential term and become majorities in both the House and the Senate. So we must indeed praise Albright for her service, she was a cog in a bigger machine that ultimately set the stage for the current Democratic failures and we are grateful. God bless America and the patriots such as Madeleine Albright that have served so gloriously in the name of its people.


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