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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kerry makes me ill


Once every four years the public is subjected to the animal known as the General Election. Usually these elections begin slowly, with the primaries extending in to the spring at the very least. From there we go to the conventions, then the home stretch: the presidential race until November. Think this is going to be the case this year? Nay, friends, this one is going to be a marathon.
With Kerry nearly sweeping last week's installment of Super Tuesday, he has definitively claimed the Democratic nomination. I watched Senator Kerry's speech that night, a speech where he praised former nominee, John Edwards for everything under the sun. Kerry gushed like a little girl on this night. He loved Edwards, he loved Dean; Kerry loved everyone, it was his night to shine. The Massachusetts senator even received a congratulatory phone call from President Bush. Filled with this new confidence, Kerry launched in to one of the most depressing speeches I've ever had the displeasure of hearing.
Kerry droned on and on about a united Democratic party, he spoke about a new America coming together to fight the Republican machine. Now when I say this speech depressed me it isn't because of anything Kerry said that particularly affected me, it is because Kerry said it in MARCH. We have eight more months of this rhetoric to put up with. Our only option now is to develop a sense of humor about this ugly race, because we're gonna need it. For example, when John Kerry wrapped up his epic speech he dared Bush to "Bring it on. "
Now this is just my humble opinion, but if I hear the damn phrase "bring it on" one more time I'm gonna snap. We have to take all of this posturing and rhetoric with a grain of sand, friends, because it is this stuff that is going to drive us insane.
After the Democrat lovefest last week, the Bush camp decided to roll out their first series of campaign ads. It is predicted that the Bush/Cheney ticket will spend over 100 million dollars on commercials and advertisements over the next 8 months. One particular Bush ad contained images of September 11, which is not sitting well with the families of 9/11 victims or the Firefighters associations. Now I have to ask what the hell these people are complaining about.
I am aware that it is a sensitive issue, but who honestly thought Bush wouldn't use 9/11 as a pillar of his reelection bid. I don't think anyone, especially the families of the victims or firefighters, have any right to complain about this either. These people have been taken care of and they have Bush to thank. Bush was the man who set up funds for these people; he spent time with each and every one of them, grieving openly with these families who are now complaining. I am filled with utter rage and contempt when I see these people on television saying it's not fair that Bush "exploits" the deaths of their relatives. These people do not seem to have any grasp of politics, whatsoever.
September 11th was a tragedy for the country and President Bush handled the situation in a way that was satisfactory to almost every person in this country, if you don't believe that, I suggest you do some research and take a look at his approval rating in the months immediately following that disaster. What is even more disturbing to me is how the Democrats have jumped on this bandwagon and criticized Bush for using 9/11 as well. Well, my friends, are we supposed to believe that if Mr. Al Gore was president during that period of American history that the Democrats would not use footage of that event?
Come on, people, this is what makes politics a very ugly game. Bitterness reigns supreme, folks, Kerry slaps on a miscellaneous Union jacket and all of a sudden he's a steel working teamster who is echoing what any and every crackpot liberal has to say about the Bush administration.
The President was in top form at a fundraiser last week in California where he made some very astute observations about his competition. Bush noted that Kerry is a very savvy veteran of the Senate. In fact, Bush said, Kerry has been on both sides of every major issue to come across the Senate floor. Kerry has been both for and against the war in Iraq, Medicare, Afghanistan, NAFTA, and so on. We have many, many months of this campaign to go, my fellow Americans, and it's just going to get worse.
Kerry is an elitist snob with the most liberal record of any Senate member and Bush has done some things that have opened him up to a lot of criticism. My stomach turns every time I see Kerry, he is the poster boy for a weak Party, his incessant whining and cheap shots at the current administration only begin to hint at his inability to be a strong leader. Kerry, like every politician, is two-faced, but he is two-faced to the members of his own party.
Beware, young people who most likely don't vote, it's a long time until November and we need to make sure we don't get burned out by then. So keep an eye on Nader and watch out for bin Laden's capture in late October before you make your decision. If you are having trouble siding with any candidate, remember you can write me in on the ballot if you choose.


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