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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How do you spell "illegal"


One of the most notable news items of late has been the resurgence of vigilante justice.
With the situation along the US-Mexico border becoming a focus of these vigilante groups we must take a closer look at the validity of such measures as well as the societal meaning behind their rising membership.
This issue is one that divides the population and makes bitter enemies of otherwise good people.
This issue is also one that really goes right down partisan lines, Republicans are for strict standards for immigration, and the Democrats turn a blind eye to the hordes of illegals in this country. I believe the out of control emigration to the United States by Mexicans is a tremendous problem and should be dealt with swiftly. We must decapitate the problem by placing pressure on Mexican government and threaten economic cutbacks unless they fix the problem.
I have no particular beef with the Mexican people, they are a hard working and proud people, and who am I to judge people who want to up their standard of living. But we must realize that our borders are being jeopardized and with the state of security in the world any breach of our borders is a threatening action. Most of these immigrants are destined for a life of picking fruit and cleaning homes, but with these skilled laborers comes fleeing criminals and potential terrorists.
Let the good, hard working people apply for citizenship and enter the country through the proper channels.
The illegals among us, and they are everywhere, are a risk of our national security and should be rounded up as soon as possible. The problem with the politics of this issue are such that everyone wants to be liked in this country and because of this no one wants to approach any unpleasant issue.
The Democrats specifically fear nothing more than being called mean spirited or coldhearted.
A story told on a wellknown radio show highlighted a liberal Democrat praising illegal immigrants and welcoming them in to their country because he was a patriot. When the issue was raised that they are a threat to security and take jobs away from a portion of the population the individual wavered and excused himself.
This is a textbook example of the wishy-washy politics of border control. No one wants to be mean and, let's face it, the Democrats believe that minorities owe them because they milk the government for innumerable social welfare programs to provide for these illegals. Democrats need the illegals.
No one out there is a bigger fan of exploitation than myself.
A capitalist to the end I believe in exploiting the poor, the stupid, the naieve, the sick, and the weak. I do not personally propose deportation of the existing illegal immigrant population, I propose we shut the borders ASAP, providing the funds (hopefully cyphering them from social welfare programs) to heavily patrol the borders and literally shoot immigrants on sight, and then we provide the opportunity for work visas for the dedicated wannabe immigrants to come to the US on a temporary basis to earn less than minimum wage and not be eligible for any kind of benefits.
That's capitalism, baby, love it or leave it. If whiny human rights people cry about that then they will simply be told that these people can get in line and apply the way everyone does it.
I am not proposing shutting the border to everyone, simply making entrance to the United States based on applications and not luck. I know a girl who, along with her family, just passed the US citizenship exam and are now full-fledged United States citizens. They came here from Albania (located along the Aegean Sea) after entering a citizenship lottery to come to the US to live and work, waiting the necessary five year period and then taking their citizenship exam. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Anastasi family and their daughter, Klevia.
These people know what it is to be an American and they are more of an asset to this country than those who jump fences or sneak across rivers. I bring this up because it shows that the immigration policy for this country does work when funneled through the proper system.
To tie everything up I just say that the border problem must be dealt with immediately.
I refuse to allow illegal immigrants in to this country and if the federal government does nothing, I believe in those citizens taking matters in to their own hands. No reporting activity or stopping people, shoot on sight and ask questions later. I'll be damned if the national security of my country is threatened by anyone or anything. It is the responsibility of the Mexican government to control its people. I do not particularly blame the Mexican government because if the US had an opportunity to export its poor we would do the same thing, but taking on another country's trash is out of the question. People must follow the proper channels or be dealt with accordingly. The liberal bias in this country is what is going to threaten us all.
It is time the politicians of this country step up to the plate and make a stand for the citizens of this country. No longer is the melting pot idea necessary. We are a country, one single, sovereign state; we must have a national language and protect our borders. We've become a nation of wimps and ideological weaklings. If you are to live in this country you WILL learn the language, you WILL pay taxes, you WILL understand and obey our laws and if you don't then you WILL leave.
This is a college campus and I'm sure the great majority of the people occupying this liberal institution will see me as a xenophobic, right wing asshole and I can deal with that.
I am sick and tired of hearing these sob stories about illegal immigrants and how unfairly they are treated. The last time I checked the word 'illegal' still meant unlawful.


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