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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Marriage is gay


Once upon a time when two people were in love, they got married, and after this sacred union they raised children and enjoyed long and happy lives together. This is what that institution of marriage was supposed to be about, but that's of no use to us now; the world has changed. No longer do we marry our childhood sweethearts or lose our virginity on our wedding night. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, the demands of the world have changed, and who really wants to wait until the wedding night.
With marriage in the headlines over the past few weeks because of San Francisco's distribution of marriage licenses to homosexual couples I decided that it was my turn to make a comment on the whole, ugly situation.
Now the actions of the Massachusetts State legislature and of San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsome have sparked a nationwide discussion over the authenticity of gay marriages. Why can't homosexual couples wed? Some will say because the Bible states that it is an unnatural union, some will say that "marriage" is defined as the joining of a man and a woman.
I always thought that marriage was based on love. Love is what was supposed to blind people to the world and bring them together. Love is supposed to be the most amazing force of all. Ah, but I apparently forgot to read the small print . . . I didn't realize love was supposed to be between a man and a woman, now that makes it all clear. I think the root of this entire argument is the everincreasing sect of this country that is so far to the right that it is truly scary.
Honestly, I am personally a pretty conservative individual when it comes to political issues. When it comes to issues of personal liberty I am reasonably reserved, I believe in basic human rights that the government should not tread on. To me the issue of gay marriages is not a political issue at all; it is an issue of individual rights, just as civil rights and women's suffrage were.
When you put aside the massive homophobic trend of this country and really think about homosexual marriage, you'll realize that they might just have more success at marriage than straight people do. I am a twenty-two year old straight male who enjoys sports, steak, beer, and breasts, but when I am faced with the topic of gay marriage I simply wish them the best.
It is ridiculous how the once sacred institution of marriage has fallen over the past fifty years. Marriages used to last because people used to fall in love, or at least that's what I hear. The divorce rate for the United States is hovering somewhere on the wrong side of fifty percent these days, so why not let homosexuals marry; if we're lucky they'll restore the tradition of marriage as a lasting union.
It is interesting when you watch television and actually see how many people were in line to get married at San Francisco's City Hall, it should make us happy to see these people finally being able to fulfill their dream of being husband and husband or wife and wife. The majority of those people who are getting married are older couples that have spent several years together.
Just like the straight population, I'm sure the homosexual population has its share of idiots who would wed just for the hell of it, and later realize it was the wrong decision. I know there are people who are going to cite the paperwork side of marriage as a reason to prevent gay unions, but really, why aren't they entitled to tax breaks? These people live together like straight couples do. Why can't these people put their partner on their insurance if they are basically dependent on each other?
I believe President Bush's proposal for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages might actually go through, but I see that even some Republicans are wary of even approaching the issue. This issue has become a political issue, but it is insignificant because both parties have essentially the same stance on the topic. One of the two openly gay members of Congress is even opposed to the actions of Newsome and the Massachusetts legislature, saying that the sideshow atmosphere of the recent events will eventually work against the long-term goal for sexual equality.
Eventually I believe that we'll see same-sex unions across the board in this country, but I believe it'll take more than a renegade mayor and liberal group of judges to do so. If homosexuals can make their marriages work, then I believe straight couples could learn a thing or two from them . . . and if they can't make them work then I guess that makes them just about equal to straight couples.


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