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Friday, February 10, 2006

America's favorite racist: Louis Farrakhan


With the conclusion of the Millions More March in Washington, D.C. we celebrate an end to the loudmouth nonsense of Louis Farrakhan, at least for now. I'm sure there are certain people on this campus who maintain that Farrakhan is visionary, but I personally have a hard time finding anything he says or does to be credible by any stretch of the imagination.
This man hides behind Islam in order to spew his racist rhetoric to all of those pathetic souls who are so desperate for a leader that they'll accept this fool as a viable cultural leader.
It is uncertain what the motivation was for this particular march. I suspect the motivation was they hadn't had any kind of march on Washington in a few years and felt as if the country would forget large minority groups could organize to show solidarity. The issue was undoubtedly something to do with oppression and being held down by society. The quest for any sort of viable statement or any respect was, of course, crippled by the presence of Louis Farrakhan.
Farrakhan recently appeared on FOX News in a publicity stop for the Millions More March and not only did he draw the much needed attention to his little march, but also proceeded in showing the world what a complete and utter psychopath he really is. Aside from affirming his notion that an evil scientist created white people, Mr. Farrakhan proclaimed the government destroyed the levies in New Orleans in order to eliminate the black and poor population.
Not to be outdone by these ridiculous statements, he enlightened the interviewer and television audience with an anecdote retelling his trip aboard a spacecraft where Muhammad and aliens informed him of the American government's plot to invade Libya. Surely the musing of a sane man.
There are times when I at least try to be objective, or use an objective point of view to base my rantings on, but these notions by Farrakhan are so preposterous that he deserves to be locked away. This man does little aside from incite the population and fi ll the minds of thousandswith his hate speech and racist rhetoric. I doubt there are millions of people who possess the capacity to be this mind-numbingly stupid.
I hope that Mr. Farrakhan intentionally causes such a stir in order to profit off the fools that believe him. If Mr. Farrakhan were white and wearing a tastefully embroidered white robe then he would be branded a racist and ostracized instead of being embraced the way the current media and culture currently views him. I am simply perplexed by the double standard that exists in race relations in our society. If a white man were to suggest an evil scientist created the black race there would be hell to pay.
Perhaps it is the paranoia of our society to call out a black man as a racist because we are unable to separate the stupid from the ignorant. The intellectual juggernauts behind the quest for racial equality that embrace Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and others of this ilk must not realize the simple truth of the matter, which is these individuals set back racial relations by making racist statements themselves. These divisive fi gures such as Farrakhan and those on the other side of the spectrum are equally as foolish. Their rants prove to create a stalemate where no progress is made.
Farrakhan uses the Nation of Islam to hide behind his rhetoric, an institution that fell under the umbrella of other civil rights groups during a period in our nation's history where any anti-establishment, anti-white, anti-anything group gained immediate legitimacy because of the causes of the time. Minister Farrakhan is akin to any charlatan who uses the auspice of religion to advocate his or her nonsensical beliefs. This man sullies the otherwise honorable tradition and teachings of Islam by associating himself with the religion. His smug smile and ultra sincere face remind this humble white devil of a scheming pedophile that preys on the ignorance of children to forward his own agenda.
The Nation of Islam's official website advocates peace and understanding for all mankind, but its fi gurehead is one of the most racist and divisive fi gures in America.
Those who advocate against the government are not special these days. It is chic to Bushbash and rail against the ills of government, but when one individual with a far-reaching sphere of infl uence suggests institutional genocide against its own citizens, we must separate this as insane banter and not let it slip through the cracks of poor taste.
Farrakhan and his army of fools have paraded around long enough hiding behind slavery to launch their attacks on society.
Neither I, nor anyone I know of who is currently alive on this planet, was involved in the American slave trade and I am quite sick of hearing about it. I truly do not mean to be insensitive, but enough is enough.
Race relations are a joke now because if we all simply practiced self-reliance and quit the institutionalized culture of dependency then I guarantee a balance would be achieved.
When people march on the very city, which supports them, and complain about the ills of society are we expected to do anything about it? When will we ALL look inward and realize the problem isn't with society, it is with ourselves and our own conditioning.
I realize this country is not ready for the radical step of accepting personal responsibility and of letting go of something that ended 150 years ago. I understand a portion of the readers of this article will take this the wrong way and be offended because the third-rail of race was breached.
It is the opinion of myself and of most sane people, white, black, or otherwise, that Louis Farrakhan is a xenophobic con man who should be silenced and dragged by the bow tie to the nearest insane asylum. The culture of race relations is selfperpetuating and in large part due to blowhards like this and white supremacists, whose ignorance is the fuel for the fires they strive to put out.


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