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Friday, February 10, 2006

Saddam offers textbook death penalty case


In yet another attack on the ridiculousness of liberalism, in its modern incarnation, it' time we take a gander at that other hot button issue: the glorious death penalty.
The death penalty isn' just something they do in Texas if they catch you for shoplifting; it is still on the books in many states, including this blue stronghold. It goes without saying that I' not just a proponent of the death penalty, I'm a big fan.
It has been said by some that my rants are occasionally a bit insensitive and scary, and if you're one of those who believe that line, then this article should be right up your alley.
In under a week the trial of Saddam Hussein, dethroned dictator and weekly contributor to the Southern News, is set to begin in Baghdad. In reading an article about this sham of a trial I came across a quote by a man known only as Ahmed, a security guard in Iraq. He is chiming in about the 'trial' of Mr. Hussein. 'Put Saddam in the streets of Baghdad, all of them in the street, and the people will just shoot him, finished.' Now they have the right idea. It is my contention that Ahmed should be nominated for the US Supreme court. It is this kind of straight talking that America needs concerning convicted criminals.
I?m sure the usual suspects have gathered for Saddam Hussein's trial. I have no doubt that the wretched ACLU, Amnesty International, and other mixed whiny human rights groups have their teary eyes turned towards this mockery of a trial to ensure Hussein is not mistreated or given an unfair trial.
It is so preposterous that a trial is even being held that it almost makes me laugh. I hesitate to laugh because those rooting for a fair trial and strict adherence to the Geneva Convention are actually serious. This blind eye towards the atrocities and despicable actions of the former 'President' of Iraq is truly disturbing. This man deserves no rights, no Doritos, and no fair trial. Would we be giving Adolf Hitler a garden and cheese doodles if we got him to trial after World War II, I really doubt it.
In historical perspective Hitler was exponentially worse than Saddam Hussein, of course, but we have to realize the scope of his treachery and then ask ourselves why we are even considering a trial.
Other war criminals may deserve a trial because some of them were simply acting for the preservation of their own lives and the lives of their family by obeying orders, and even my soft heart understands this.
Saddam Hussein was under no orders when he gassed his own people or when he used chemical weapons on Iran. Have we forgotten the mass graves our troops uncovered during this war? The bodies of Kurdish citizen, men, women, and children heaped in to ditches in order to silence any opposition.
This is not a man who deserves legal counsel.
Justice in this situation would be to let the citizens of Iraq unite in tearing him limb from limb and beating him as they did his famous statue. We fool ourselves in to thinking that the human race is above such barbarous behavior. The people of Iraq were held down and made to live in fear under his reign, both allies and enemies of this despot were victims of his insanity and those people deserve revenge.
This mockery of a trial is a testament to the overpowering stench of political correctness that is destroying this country from the inside out. This is just a global example used to highlight a problem that is far reaching and of national importance.
Would any one of you reading this think twice about violently eliminating someone who took a family member or friend from you? If you believe you wouldn't have those urges then you are kidding yourselves. There is nothing wrong with using Hammurabi as a barometer for dealing with violent criminals.
Would anyone blame the family of Lacy Peterson for claiming revenge on her despicable husband by taking his life? It just seems right and I'm damn sure it would be fulfilling to the grieving family. Cast stones if you will, but I say let the blood flow and let us stamp out crime by simply making the punishment effective.
Let the citizens of Iraq drag Saddam Hussein's dismembered body through the streets and emphatically stamp out the end of that oppressive era of their country's history.
With Hussein dead they can truly eliminate any faithful insurgency and move on to become a beacon of freedom and self governance.
Regardless of what anyone thinks about the war in Iraq, the fact remains that we're there and Hussein has been deposed and we can all hope for a free and democratic Iraq that rejoins the global community and serves as a gleaming example of freedom and hard work.
Let us learn from the nonsense of the politically correct left and consider harsh punishments for criminals and letting human vengeance police itself.
By no means am I advocating violence, it is a cancer on society, but when we encounter an individual with no regard for human life we must see that they will not be rehabilitated with hugs and sensitivity. So let us save tax dollars and empty all the Death row wings of our prisons and throw another killer on the fire so that we may discourage this behavior for the future. In order to make an omelet you have to break some eggs and such is the philosophy for stamping out violent crimes now and in the future.
Let those murderers, rapists, pedophiles and other twisted individuals be warned, some day we'll get back to basics and take away your Zoloft and replace it with cyanide. Don't worry, most of you will deny it publicly, but I know you agree.


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