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Friday, February 10, 2006

Roberts' confirmation


With the confirmation of John G. Roberts last week and the president's nomination of Harriet Miers this week, Washington is abuzz with hatespeak and conspiracy rumors. Roberts has been a hit for Bush, even though he has certain Democrats wary because of his unblemished background and status as a Constitutionalist.
Some choose to perceive a strict adherence to the Constitution as damaging.
Some people also believe the Supreme Court is a place where the legislative agendas of certain parties is carried out and passed into law. Roberts has drawn the ire of some Democrats because he is too polished, too professional, and just too good to be true. The man listens and understands precedent and this means that the sacred cow of the argument against any conservative judge is nullified.
The sacred cow I'm talking about is the issue of abortion.
There are some ill-informed people who believe that a conservative Supreme Court will instantly abolish legal abortions and push for biblical social agendas. Roberts, and most justices, understand the precedent set by Roe vs. Wade and they will never overturn it, especially since it becomes a state issue if taken off the books in federal courts. In speaking to Democrats and the Liberal set, the biggest fear voiced to me is this insane belief that abortion will instantly be outlawed and forced underground where butchers and back-alley doctors will become the primary means of population control.
I feel I should take this opportunity to let some people in on a little secret: most Republicans, especially those of us in the northeast, are very moderate on social issues. A perfect example of this is Connecticut Congressman, Christopher Shays. In the grand scheme of national politics Mr. Shays and Connecticut republicans in general are quite liberal.
Not one Republican that I know who is of college age is opposed to abortion. I believe that all males in this age group are wary of getting a woman pregnant and I know that I would be the fi rst in line for the ovarian mulligan if I were in that situation. Having had heated debates with some of the esteemed staff of the Southern News on the subject it becomes apparent to me how myopic the view of the left actually is. There would be hell to pay if Roe vs. Wade were reversed. Even I realize that the abortion is a vital part of American culture: imagine how much we?d pay in taxes taking care of these unwanted children. The only benefi t I can see to this is an improved well from which we can pluck professional athletes.
As usual I've gone a bit awry and let my passion for politics get the better of me. Getting back to the anti-Roberts argument I feel I have to respond to certain accusations and baseless claims. I have to wonder if being a well to do white male of Ivy League stock and a participant in certain professional and social organizations such as the Masons or the Federalist's Society is grounds enough to discredit someone in today's political arena. Some people dislike John Roberts for these reasons and believe that he is a scheming harbinger of evil because he appeared confi dent, competent, and collected.
I would be lying if I said I didn't believe that Harriet Miers isn't the beneficiary of some good old fashioned affirmative action, so I can't see why the Democrats are already salivating at the thought of her Senate hearings. Everyone with any political intelligence was shouting at the heavens when Bush slated Roberts to take Justice O'Connor's place because he is a male. Now that the GOP threw those folks a bone with the nomination of Miers, they are fi nding new things to complain about. I do not know enough specifi cs about Miers, aside from her very distinguished career in Texas, where she served as president of the Texas Bar Association and her post as White House legal counsel.
It has been said that Ms. Miers has no prior experience, and that would disturb me if our past chief justice hadn't been charged with the same claims when he was installed during the glorious Nixon administration.
Appointing a Supreme Court justice with no prior experience wouldn't be as silly as, say, having countries like North Korea, Iran, or Syria on Human Rights Committees in the United Nations.
The ridiculousness of the entire political arena has made a mockery of the process and it is this deviation from strict adherence to the constitution and the liberalism run amok that makes Roberts the perfect man for the job of Chief Justice. The jury is still out on Miers and who knows what dirt the Dems will dig up or plant to discredit her.


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