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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A few words of wisdom


Sadly, I was unable to commit a piece for last week's freshmen orientation issue, but that doesn't mean I don't have any wise words for the incoming group of young men and women. Things on campus can get hectic and whatever you do, remember not to let school get in the way of your experience here.
I feel that there are a few things you should know about attending college that your undoubtedly unqualified guidance counselor didn't prepare you for. The most important of these things is to be selfish.
Trust me, good citizen, it is on you, and you alone, to make something of yourself. You must go above and beyond going to classes and doing your work. It is imperative that you join several clubs and organizations. These clubs and organizations are great resume builders and offer a tremendous opportunity for networking and social piggybacking.
These words of wisdom do not only go for incoming freshmen, but for all students: it is never too late to get involved. There are amazing opportunities given to campus organizations that one would never know unless involved. An example of the opportunities given to those involved is when the Student Government Association allotted money to the SCSU College Republicans to attend the College Republican National Committee national convention in Arlington, Va.
this past June. The university paid for lodging and admission to this three-day event where the participants were given an unrivaled opportunity to network and extend their social and business circle to a nationwide capacity.
This is just one example of the bonus of joining an extracurricular activity. School work is important, but at the end of the day, every degree is worth just about the same thing. College shows a potential employer that you have the fortitude to stick with something and work hard.
English majors don't all write books and every sociology major doesn't go on to work with handicapped people or prison inmates.
College is a growing environment. What you learn is what you're not good at and what you have absolutely no interest in. What this particular individual has learned is that nothing, nothing at all outweighs the importance of money. Personal relationships, social commitments, the feelings or emotions of others, nay; they all pale in comparison to the almighty dollar and that's some info for free, boys and girls.
So start now and push over anyone you can because you'll need to do any and everything you can to get your piece of the pie. Start with university clubs and work your way up the ladder and use your power to gain more infl uence. Use this influence to turn the odds in your favor when looking for networking opportunities or internships. You do have the ability to make things happen, it is only whether or not you have the balls to actually be cutthroat and do it.
As the president of the College Republicans, I've gained my position through means that some would call immoral and unjust. But I've got that on my resume now, along with national recognition and an acceptance into an exclusive old boys club that will most likely make my future a very lucrative place.
I challenge you, dear reader and innocent youth. I challenge you to get your ass in gear and make something of yourself that amounts to more than a SCSU Degree and a less than memorable commencement speech by the Fonz.


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