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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush feels the wrath of a soccermom


Mrs. Sheehan, I speak on behalf of the president and all of those people in the public eye who cannot fully express themselves to you, Mrs. Sheehan, for fear of crucifixion by the media. I am willing to stand up to the liberal crusade in this country and really tell you what I think.
First, I must say that it is truly unfortunate that your son, Casey, met an early death. The death of any young man or woman in military service is tragic. Tragic and honorable, Mrs. Sheehan, remember that. Casey signed up for military service because he believed in America and in his commander in chief. He was not drafted and Casey was not fooled by his death, Cindy. On a certain level, I'm sure most soldiers understand mortality.
His life now represents a crusade by you, his ill informed and perpetually grieving mother.
Instead of dying with honor and letting his family move on there is 'Camp Casey' and legions of other teary-eyed war profiteers like yourself, Cindy, lining up for their 15 minutes and every one of them is invoking his name in order to tell their story.
Can you hear him shifting in his grave, Cindy? Does it keep you up at night thinking about what a mockery you've made of his life? Why should the president talk to you? Do you really have anything to say that he can't read in the New York Times every morning? Do you really believe that your son's commander in chief and your president is really 'The biggest terrorist in the world'? I recommend you share that view with the widows and orphans of September 11th.
Your son may have been extraordinary, Mrs. Sheehan, but you certainly are not. You've called enough attention to yourself with your screeching pleas to invite the leftists to circle around you like vultures in the hope of denting the Bush administration. You are a pawn in a bigger battle and you don't even realize it. The insane mainstream of moveon.org and the Democratic Party have adopted you as a party line and endorsed you from behind the scenes in order for you to be the face of their own war.
Who is feeding those crowds you've attracted? Who is coaching you for your interviews? Tell us, who is it that paid for your well-acted television commercial. You haven't fooled me or most people, Cindy.
At first, you were a novelty: a woman with the cojones to call out the president in his own town, but now you're a characiture with no credibility.
The leftist organizations of this country are funding your crusade now, providing you with those heart-wrenching tears.
Keep those tears to yourself and get over it, my dear. You have misinterpreted the death of your son and have left his memory a mess. You've said, 'America isn't worth dying for' on more than one occasion and I hope you didn't share these views with your son when he was shipping off for his tour in Iraq. If 'America isn't worth dying for' then are you prepared to be publicly hanged or tortured in order to make an example of you and your treason? Would you rather we live in a country where your blaspheming would certainly mean your death? Get over yourself and see the bigger picture, Cindy. You are nothing except a woman with a separation problem. Do not blame anyone for your son's death, instead console yourself with the sacrifi ce he made for his family and for his fellow Americans. Did he die so you could get on your soapbox and question the validity of his death? I don't think so.
The president can't approach you with guns blazing the way you stand outside his ranch with no respect for his position.
He has bigger fish to fry than some whack-job-overbearing- soccermom with no real understanding of world affairs and the reality of life. Grieving is natural, it is even natural for you to be angry. But at some point, common sense enters the equation and it dawns on you that your son was a soldier, and sometimes soldiers don't come home alive. That is just part of the deal, Cindy.
So go home, Cindy, and tell your Democrat overlords that they'll need to drain the soul of another empty vessel to fight the PR war they don't have the balls or the credibility to do themselves. And shame on you for sullying the name of your son and for casting doubt on those thousands of men and women, other people's children, that remain in a war zone.
You are a despicable human being, Cindy Sheehan, and the president doesn't get out of bed in the morning for rabble-rousers such as yourself, he has things to do and the world goes on. Dry your eyes and get the hell off my television set, your 15 minutes are up.


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