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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Send off for Dr. Gonzo


Approximately 250 guests attended the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's funeral service on Aug. 20 at his former home in Woody Creek, Colorado.
Thompson had always claimed that he wanted the 'Gonzo sign' (a symmetrical, two thumbed fist upon a dagger) built somewhere on his property where after his death his ashes would then be fired out from the top of this 150-foot red and chrome plated structure.
Friends and family questioned whether or not to carry out Thompson's vision after his death. The mighty gonzojournalist was indeed serious about his last request. Sitting there at his typewriter right before he killed himself, one wonders if the doctor could've anticipated the massive structural legacy that was to be left behind. Close friend and associate to Dr. Thompson was actor, Johnny Depp, who allegedly footed a good portion of the bill for the structure and surrounding events. Depp portrayed Thompson in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,' where he and Thompson eventually struck up a lasting friendship.
On the strength of this friendship, Col. Depp (as Thompson called him) wanted to see his dear friend go out on his terms.
Thompson's ashes being shot out of a cannon is a remarkably appropriate exclamation point on the life of a man who lived as he is remembered: a firecracker, bright and spectacular, but dangerous if you get too close. Dr. Gonzo was undoubtedly one of the best journalists of his time, or any time, and he will be missed.
His 'Gonzo fist' will hopefully remain where it is, like a knife jutting out of the backbone of America, a violent reminder to us all about the fear, loathing and utter savagery that remains a part of life.
What a sight it must have been to have seen Dr. Thompson's ashes shot out of that fist.
Hopefully 'Tambourine Man' was playing as the good doctor requested and those in the crowd understood the weight of hero they were mourning.


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