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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rehnquist's death signals trouble


William H. Rehnquist, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court died of cancer he'd been battling for years in his home Sunday evening. Justice Rehnquist's death has created yet another vacancy on the Supreme Court which means that the fi ght on the hill is about to be turned up a notch.
With Associate Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement and Rehnquist's death, the president is poised to usher two conservative judges into office.
The Democrats had been less than warm to John Roberts' nomination, but with Bush redirecting Roberts nomination to fill Rehnquist's post the fight is going to get very, very ugly.
Democrats are already arming themselves for the upcoming fall session fight block the president's nominees. Their obstructionism last session concerning appeals court judges and the appointment of John Bolton as UN Ambassador will be nothing compared to this duel for the ages. One can only imagine how the real leftwing blowhards will respond to whomever else is put up for a Supreme Court seat. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz started the onslaught on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes upon hearing of the judge's passing. Dershowitz referred to Rehnquist as a 'Republican thug who pushed and shoved to keep African-American and Hispanic voters from voting.' This heated remark left both hosts speechless and resonated with viewers as the first of many Democrat attacks on the legacy of Rehnquist.
One can only imagine how Roberts' confirmation hearings will proceed when they begin this week. Classic liberal blowhards such as Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid are sure to shove their opinions in to the mix and claim that Bush and the Republicans are unfairly tipping the scales of justice. We are to expect these statements in the near future and ignore them as the hatespeak we've all come to expect from their side of the aisle.
Rehnquist was a Constitutionalist and the Democrats fear those who favor a strict adherence to the constitution because that means they cannot perpetually alter the shape and meaning of this document in order to provide constitutional authenticity to their misguided attempts at lawmaking. We can all understand their selective appreciation of the Constitution when things such as Affirmative Action laws pass despite the Constitution stating that all men are created equal and no one person or race or religion should be given an advantage over anyone else.
Dershowitz went on to state that none of the Court's decisions during Rehnquist's reign as Chief Justice would be remembered, only his personal votes. This bias illustrates the left's unwillingness to participate in government and seek any bipartisan common ground. The fact of the matter is that there have been decisions made under Rehnquist that have been agreeable to both sides of the political spectrum.
With the president holding the key to two Supreme Court seats, the left will make damn sure that they do a job on Roberts in his confirmation hearings.
The left has lost control of itself in the post John Kerry romp era of DNC leadership.
The left wing conspiracy theorists such as Howard Dean have become the party line and this battle will be one of extreme obstructionism. I can see the Democratss being pressured to fi libuster this round of congressional proceedings by the evil Hollywood types that run the Democratic party.
Civility in government is over and those who cease to obey laws of etiquette and conduct such as the current Democratic power structure are willingly going to slow the government to a halt this fall because they are bitter and uninformed.
Let the Dems cry, 2008 is closing in fast and their antics will not be forgotten by the public.
The Supreme Court fight is just another step in the battle the Democrats have been waging ever since Bush defeated Gore in the 2000 election. The war in Iraq, the conflict in Afghanistan, and the so-called crises in the Sudan have all been criticized by the other side of the aisle. The fact is that Iraq had overwhelming domestic support. This proves that the current blue members of the Senate and the House were formerly more concerned with poll numbers and the percieved notion of strong defense winning elections than they were in being helpful to their country.
Keep your eyes on the battle for the court, good citizens, and beware the smear campaign that will be flying this fall. The United States needs judges who will interpret the Constitution as a document that is not meant to be twisted to fit the agendas of paranoid, free spending liberals.


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