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Friday, February 10, 2006

Avellinos delights downtown

(11/13/05) restaurant review

The downtown renaissance in New Haven has breathed new life into the dining experience of the Elm City. A new gem to be found downtown is Avellino’s Trattoria, located across from the Colliseum on Orange Street. With another location in Fairfi eld, this new addition to New Haven is sure to please the palettes of all who walk through its doors. This restaurant is best described as an Italian wine bar. Do not let this title fool you though, the food is top notch and the wine selection goes perfectly with the menu.
This eatery is not the run of the mill establishment one fi nds dotted throughout the normal New Haven landscape.
Its menu is thorough and full of culinary surprises, ranging from the beef tenderloin with an herb cheese polenta side to the spicy seared rare tuna. All of the dishes on the menu have a contemporary Italian fl avor.
The food is complimented by a comfortable atmosphere as well as a liberal bar area to enjoy pre-meal cocktails or a night of libations with friends or a date. With pillow-laden seating and low lighting, Avellino’s dining area lends itself to a quiet night out with your signifi cant other or as a meeting place for business ventures.
While the mood of Avellino’s may be excellent for a quiet night out, do not be fooled, the atmosphere is exactly what is needed in the fair Elm City: an upscale collegiate hangout with a great menu and a classy atmosphere.
The experience is made complete by the courteous and knowledgeable staff. This interviewer has a limited knowledge of wine and my fears of ordering incorrectly were quelled by the gracious staff, who informed me of the right wine for each course. This spot is at the top of the downtown renaissance in New Haven.
Entrees at Avellino’s run from $11-$29 and are worth every penny for presentation alone.
Happy Hour at Avellino’s is Tuesday through Friday from 5-8 p.m., which includes halfprice martinis and $3 drafts, with wine-tasting every Friday from 5-8 p.m. This establishment offers something every night for the distinguished connesiuer of fi ne dining. Parking is validated in the adjacent lot, which eliminates the normal headache of nightly parking downtown.
For more information visit Avellino’s website at www.avellinostrattoria.com and browse selections from the extensive menu. Private dining areas are available and with seating for up to 200 people, the restaurant is perfect for any event.
I recommend Avellino’s to all who have a taste for fine dining and are looking for a fun and tasteful distraction from the normal New Haven fare. Enjoy a fi ne wine with your meal and relax in this restaurant, which will undoubtedly be around for years to come.


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